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Welcome to Maximus Horn Systems -- 1Home of the premier internet manufacturer of the loudest and most durable kits that money can buy!

Train Horns, Air Horns and Train Horn Kits are the fastest growing accessory for the car and truck accessories market.

If you are looking to stand out in the crowd train horn kits will differentiate you and make your ride one of a kind.

Train Horn Kits:
The three most important parts to any kit is the air compressor, air tank and the horns themselves. When deciding which one is right for you, you first need to evaluate the air compressor.

Which Air Compressor Do I Need?
 50% or 100% duty cycle air compressors? What is the difference? The air compressor is the heart and soul of the kit and the most expensive part. Our Max 1 is the entry level kit and comes with a 50% duty cycle air compressor. Maximus 2, 3, and 4 kits come with a top of the line chrome 100% duty cycle FOXXAIR compressor.

Now, Let’s Talk about Air Tanks
What size air tank do I need? Your air compressor will keep your air tank at 120psi all the time; you just need to decide how much air capacity you need. The Max 1 comes with a 1 Gallon air tank, the Max 2 comes with a 1.7 Gallon air tank and the Max 3 and 4 come with a Large 3 Gallon Air Tank. If you want long sustained ear blasting, get off your cell phone and move through the green light then go with the 3 gallon tank.

How Many Horns Are Right For Me?
Do you want 3 horns or 4. The Max 1, 2 and 3 come with a triple horn assembly and the Max 4 comes with a quad horn assembly. Basically, the three horn set up produces a higher pitch where as the quad horn set up produces a lower pitched, more authentic sound.

The Max 4 is our loudest standard kit before you step up to the big dollar set ups like the Hammer of God 5 and 6 which can simply burst ear drums! For real. So for the most authentic train horn kit on the market I suggest a Max 3 or 4. You get the 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressor, a 3 Gallon Air Tank (which can sustain a 12 second blast) and the chrome plated triple or quad horn assembly. If you want to impress your friends and make your ride stand out I would suggest you start by looking at this
Max 6 Train Horn Kit

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Train Horns and Train Horn Kits by Maximushornsystems are the loudest air horns you can buy; at least that we’ve ever tested. Some people think it’s a rather odd feature to have excessively loud train horns mounted on your car or truck. However, like anything else in the custom auto accessories world, the name of the game is to do something different or unique. Train horns are definitely that. And loud. Your standard car or truck horn is only used when needed and possibly to quickly say ‘hello’ to someone in passing. Our truck horns are a little different than that…

Train horn kits for trucks aren’t the only vehicles that can pull off the insanely loud truck horns. We’ve installed kits on everything from old school Camaros to Hummers. The train air horn was designed to be used on locomotives as a tool that indicates they are passing through areas in which pedestrians may be present. Truck horns really have no reason to be as loud as a train air horn, but then again why people install air bags on their custom rides or install a V8 into a compact car? Because it’s fun!

Car air horns should be for novelty use only and we never intend to hurt, scare or damage anyone’s ear drums compliments of the deafening rumble that emerges as the train horns let loose. We strongly advise all users, new and old, to use their car air horns with caution and be courteous of other drivers. Keep in mind, we sell the loudest train horns on the market and these car air horns will not only set off car alarms from blocks away, but could severely damage a person’s hearing. It goes without saying that all car airhorns should be used when not in close proximity to other vehicles or people.

Since we specialize in all types of air horns, car air horns and we even offer a genuine Nathan airchime train horn system - - it’s fair to say we are the leaders in custom train horns for your car,truck or SUV. Our kits come with everything you’ll need to avoid those quick visits to the local hardware store. If you’re here by chance or came specifically to buy air horn kits, you’ve made a wise move. Our Locomotive air horn technicians have put together kits for everyone from those looking for earth shaking tones to those looking to just be heard a little more than your stock car horns. Nathan train horns are some of the best sellers we’ve got, but our train horn kits come in all shapes and sizes.

A lot of your sound will depend on the size or the actual horn, but the majority of the sound and increased decibels come from the amount of air moving through each train horn. We have specifically pieced together the right sized air tanks, air lines, air compressors and horns to give you a pre-packaged car air horn kit that’s ready to blow right out of the box! Professional installation is recommended, but a little mechanical know-how can go a long way. The all-inclusive air horn kits are the way to go. Truck air horns to car air horns, we’ve got them all! Train Horn Kits & Train Horns along with the highest quality air compressors on the market FOXXAIR compressors. FOXXAIR compressors and train horn kits make for a long lasting quality system that will last for years to come.

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